Whiten Your Teeth In-Office

With In-office and take-home options for safe, effective tooth whitening, you can unlock a smile up to 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes. The added bonus? You get outstanding results with little to no sensitivity.

No wonder millions of people have already trusted us with whitening their smiles.

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KöR In-Office Whitening

KöR Whitening is an effective, simple method for getting a brighter, more confident smile today. This innovative whitening system is renowned for providing dramatic results even for the most stubborn stains.

Say goodbye to discolored teeth and hello to a stunning, radiant smile.

How KöR Whitening Works

KöR Whitening offers a powerful, in-office whitening treatment. The KöR system utilizes proprietary Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide to deliver outstanding whitening results. Patients can achieve up to 16 shades brighter in a single session, ensuring a stunning, radiant smile.

What to Expect During KöR In-Office Whitening

During your KöR whitening session, Dr. Emerick will begin by checking the current shade of your teeth to tailor the treatment to your needs. The process includes the following steps:

  • Preparation: Dr. Emerick will carefully prep your mouth and gums to ensure comfort and safety during the procedure.
  • Application of Whitening Gel: The proprietary KöR whitening gel will be applied to your teeth.
  • Activation: The gel is activated without the need for lights or lasers, allowing the formula to penetrate deeply and remove stains.
  • Final Rinse and Assessment: After the gel has been applied for the designated time, your teeth will be rinsed, and Dr. Emerick will assess the final shade improvement.

Experience the benefits of a professional-grade whitening treatment that provides immediate, stunning results. KöR Whitening at Emerick Orthodontics is your ticket to a confident, radiant smile.

Opalescence Take-Home Whitening

Opalescence Go™ provides professional-strength teeth whitening with the convenience of at-home use. The prefilled whitening trays are designed for comfort and effectiveness, delivering a brighter smile with ease.

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How to Use Opalescence Go™

Using Opalescence Go™ is straightforward and convenient. The prefilled trays are ready to use right out of the box, making them an excellent choice for those looking to whiten their teeth at home.

  • Remove from Packaging: Upper ("U") and Lower ("L") trays are pre-labeled for easy identification.
  • Position the Tray: Place the upper tray on your teeth and bite down gently.
  • Suck on Tray: Bite firmly and suck on the tray for 2 seconds to create a snug fit.
  • Remove Outer Tray: Remove the colored outer tray, leaving the white inner tray on your teeth.
  • Wear Time: Wear for the recommended time (15-20 minutes for 15% hydrogen peroxide, 30-60 minutes for 10% hydrogen peroxide).
  • Remove and Brush: After the wear time, remove the trays and brush your teeth.

Keep Your Aligners Fresh

Our Emerick Orthodontics branded retainer and aligner cleaner is designed to keep your orthodontic appliances fresh and clean. This specially formulated cleaner removes plaque and odor-causing bacteria, ensuring your aligners stay clear and hygienic.

Convenient Whitening On-the-Go

Our Emerick Orthodontics teeth whitening foam offers a convenient solution for maintaining a bright smile. This easy-to-use foam can be applied directly to your aligners, providing a whitening boost while you wear them.

It's perfect for touch-ups and maintaining your smile between professional whitening treatments.