Caring for Smiles of All Sizes

At Emerick Orthodontics, we‘re proud to offer orthodontics for all ages.  Whether you're a child, teenager, or adult, Dr. Emerick and our dedicated team are here to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care personalized to your goals.

No matter your age, orthodontic care is available at our practice.

Kids Orthodontic Care

Invest in your child's oral health early and pave the way for a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles.

Regular check-ups starting at a young age allow us to monitor your child's dental development closely.

Our goal is to ensure your child's dental journey starts off on the right foot.

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Phase 1 Treatment

Phase 1 treatment, designed specifically for children, focuses on addressing jaw growth, dental development, and potential alignment issues early on.

This proactive approach lays the groundwork for healthier oral development and can simplify or eliminate the need for more extensive orthodontic work in the future.

A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

By starting orthodontic check-ups at a young age, you're setting your child on a path to maintain healthy smiles throughout their lifetime.

Early detection and intervention when necessary can lead to better oral health outcomes, improved self-confidence, and a brighter future. We're here to support you every step of the way.

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Orthodontic Care
for Teens

The teenage years are the perfect time for orthodontic care. After all, what’s a more iconic image than teens with braces?

Emerick Orthodontics is here to provide effective and convenient treatments that fit your teenager's lifestyle.

With options like lingual braces or clear aligners, it’s never been a better time for teenage orthodontic care. We focus on results and providing a comfortable experience to help boost your teen's confidence at a crucial time.

Customized Treatment Plans

Every teenager is unique — and so are their orthodontic needs. At Emerick Orthodontics, we create customized treatment plans tailored to your teen's specific requirements.

Dr. Emerick will guide them through the process step-by-step. With an expert like her on the case, you know your teens will receive the best treatment available.

A Big Boost

The teen years can be tough for anyone, and a boost in confidence can go a long way in developing your teen's self-image. Our orthodontic treatments don’t just align teeth — they help to foster a positive and healthy self-confidence.

A beautifully aligned smile can mean the world to your teen’s overall well-being and social development.

Orthodontic Care
for Adults

The smile you’ve always wanted is right around the corner. There’s never been a better time to get orthodontic treatment as an adult. In fact, one in every five new orthodontic patients at our practice is over the age of 18!

That’s because today’s treatments are well-suited to address an adult’s unique needs. Whether you're interested in LightForce clear braces, clear aligners, or InBrace, we’ve got options that’ll stay in the background from start to finish.

Forget about the idea that orthodontic treatment won’t work for you — at Emerick Orthodontics, your smile has options.

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Options for Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Emerick Orthodontics offers all sorts adult orthodontic treatment options, including

We know that discretion and comfort are a big priority for our adult patients. Dr. Emerick will work with you to choose the right option for your unique smile needs.

Straight Teeth Are
Healthy Teeth

Remember, orthodontic treatment isn’t just skin deep. While we love giving our patients smiles that dazzle, treatment is about more than looks.

With straight, properly aligned teeth, harmful bacteria have less room to hide and develop into something worse — and nobody wants to deal with painful and expensive treatments for more serious orthodontic or dental issues.

Get the Treatment You Deserve

At Emerick Orthodontics, we believe that your age shouldn’t have any bearing on the health of your smile. Whether it’s for the little ones, the older ones, or you, Dr. Emerick and the team have the skills and equipment to leave your smile the best it’s ever been.

Don't wait to get started on the smile of your dreams — consultations are always 100% free of charge! Call today to see what your smile can do.