Clear Braces: Maintenance & Aftercare

Clear braces are very similar to traditional metal braces. However, they are less noticeable because they are composed of tooth-colored materials. The same orthodontic problems that metal braces may treat, such as overbites, underbites, crooked teeth, and crowding, can also be resolved with clear braces.

What Are Clear Braces?

Similar orthodontic issues can be resolved with clear braces, a less noticeable substitute for regular braces. Clear braces become desirable if you choose the least prominent type of braces. The main distinction between braces and clear ones is how unnoticeable they are. Anyone who sees you smile or speak while wearing metal braces will notice them. 

Clear Braces VS Metal Braces: What Is The Difference?

Metal braces were previously the primary choice for treating orthodontic issues, and they were worn mainly by young children and teenagers. But more and more adult patients are asking for discrete orthodontic care. For people who don’t want everyone to know they are using braces, clear braces are a fantastic alternative. The degree of correction required will determine the advantages and disadvantages of each type of orthodontic tool.

What Are The Benefits Of Clear Braces?

1.Improved Confidence

The increased confidence that comes with clear braces is one of the key reasons individuals select them over metal braces. Increased confidence is the outcome of being able to straighten teeth discreetly. Most of the user’s teeth are hidden by the metal brackets and wires, so whenever they smile, all that is visible to onlookers is a mouthful of metal. Clear braces do not compromise the patient’s smile, and most individuals they deal with won’t even notice that they have brackets and wires on their teeth. Because they are fully transparent, clear aligners are even more challenging to see. The patient can display their constantly-improving smile and avoid explaining why they have so much metal in their mouth.

2.Very Effective

In addition to being a more discreet method to straighten teeth, clear braces are equally effective at treating most orthodontic problems as metal braces. Since the forces placed on the patient’s teeth are more precisely directed when using clear aligners, treatment timeframes can occasionally be shortened. 

3.Improved Physical Health

Dental and general health are improved by treating tooth alignment problems. Since certain teeth may obstruct brushing and flossing, teeth with poor alignment can be challenging to keep clean. The likelihood of developing gum disease and tooth decay increases as a result.

How To Maintain Clear Braces?

When you first obtain clear braces, the brackets will look spotless because they are usually composed of ceramic or porcelain material. If getting transparent braces attracts you, you might think they will stay that color for the duration of your orthodontic treatment. However, some parts of your daily life may cause them to deteriorate. It’s crucial to practice good dental hygiene and even exclude some foods from your diet that might stain the clear brackets.

1.Brush And Floss Daily

It can be challenging to floss when wearing braces, but it is essential. String the floss between your teeth using a water flosser or a needle-and-thread flossing tool. Similarly, brushing your teeth at least twice a day helps ensure that both your teeth and clear braces are kept as clean as possible. This is especially important after eating. Ask your dentist if it is okay to use specific toothpaste during this period, such as whitening pastes and rinses. Some transparent brackets won’t work with this brand of toothpaste.

2.Keep Your Diet In Control

You should consider selecting a different type of braces if it concerns you that you can’t eat your favorite foods while your teeth are being straightened. While the bands on clear brackets can be changed, the porcelain or ceramic bracket itself may eventually appear considerably darker than the tooth underneath if it is stained over time. Try to avoid foods known to stain, such as tomato sauce, ketchup, mustard, beets, red wine, soy sauce, and others. Artificially colored foods can also change the color of clear braces.

3.Visit Your Dentist

Maintaining regular dental cleanings is just as vital as brushing and flossing. The fact that dentists and hygienists can clean around braces is something that many people are unaware of. Typically, the wires are removed first so the dentist can check the teeth and conduct a routine assessment. Don’t put off your cleanings or believe you have to wait until your braces are taken off to schedule another appointment with your general dentist. Your teeth will match the color of the clear brackets as long as you keep them clean and in good condition.

Clear braces can help to straighten your teeth and have several advantages over traditional metal braces. Visit our dental office if you have any questions regarding your clear braces.